Animals First on the Second is a vegan advocacy campaign, promoting the abolition of animal exploitation. It is a protest movement focused on spreading a message of compassion and equality. We utilize fasting and an enigmatic mark to encourage others in our daily lives to ask what we are doing and why we are doing it. This allows for unforced interactions with people who we are likely to encounter again and have the opportunity to continue the conversation.

Founded just after World Day for Farmed Animals in 2017, AFOTS has grown from a small Facebook group of a few hundred members to many thousands of participants, spread across multiple social media sites around the world. AFOTS gives new and veteran activists a unique method for spreading the vegan message, allows them to form a deepened connection to animals and their purpose as an advocate, and inspires some people to try activism for the first time while helping current advocates find or refine their voices, and supports other existing activists and activist groups.