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1. Fast on the Second day of every month for 24 hours. 
2. Put “the mark” on your hand to signify your participation and encourage conversations about the fast. Take a photo of the mark on your hand and make it a 24 hour temporary profile pic for the day. 
3. Share the event page every month to encourage others to participate. 
4. Answer questions about the fast and convey a vegan abolitionist message. Post about your feelings and thoughts on social media to create awareness using the tags #AFOTS#animalsfirstonthesecond and #fastagainstslaughter.


(The circle/x mark represents an empty plate with unused, crossed utensils on it. It is similar to other symbols which often mean to abstain from something. In this case, food.)




Why do I believe ANIMALS FIRST ON THE SECOND is a superior form of vegan advocacy than tabling in a standard, public location?

1. These interactions are unforced, as your target is actually asking YOU questions and initiating the engagement rather than you stopping people and imposing on them.
2. Because the interactions happen throughout your daily lives, there is a higher probability that you may know your target and will see them again, allowing you to continue the conversation.
3. Utilizing the fasting as a mechanism to demonstrate your resolve for animals and also as a symbolic gesture to convey a bit of information, which is easier for the uninformed to digest than the huge and all-encompassing concept of animal liberation, can start a conversation with a more manageable beginning which can lead to something larger.

How do you know someone is an AFOTS vegan advocate?

Don't worry. You'll ask them.

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